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FREE Messianic Jewish Passover Haggadah!


Haggadah is a set of readings, blessings and prayers that lead Jewish people through the Passover Seder. What’s a Seder, you ask? It’s a special service that’s built around a holiday meal to observe Passover. And we want to give you this FREE Haggadah!

The Messianic Passover Haggadah: Your Complete Passover Guide shows you how the Jewish Feast of Passover ties in with Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. And it’s, well, just what it says – a complete guide.  So complete that you could even lead your own Seder with it. This little booklet lays out everything you need to know: 

  • The history of Passover observanc 
  • What the Seder elements are and mean 
  • How to prepare for the Seder 
  • Tips to help you pronounce Hebrew words 
  • How to set the Seder table 
  • Readings, blessings, songs, prayers  
  • There’s even a web address for downloading the Seder songs 

See? Complete. Guide. For Passover.  

And it’s yours FREE! Now, how can you beat that?