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Mixed Marriages – Love and Marriage With special guests Aaron and Maria Baer | Episode 49

How do a Jewish boy and a Catholic girl fall in love and get married? And once they do, then what? In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra talk with Aaron and Maria Baer to hear the story of their mixed marriage and how they make it work.

Aaron is the president of the Center for Christian Virtue based in Columbus, Ohio, and was a guest early on in J&G’s inaugural season to talk about Jewish Believers in Politics. Maria is a prolific freelance writer, stay-at-home mom and fellow podcaster.

The time flies in this warm and casual interview as Carly and Ezra engage the Baers about

  • How they each came to faith in Jesus from their different backgrounds
  • How their families responded when they began dating
  • Concerns they had when dating someone of another faith background
  • Their perspective on making a mixed marriage work
  • The backstory to how they met and fell in love
  • How they are choosing to raise their children

Along the way

Along the way, you’ll hear Aaron and Maria share

  • Two funny things that were more important to Aaron’s Jewish grandmother than the idea of him marrying a non-Jewish girl
  • Maria’s first Seder
  • Aaron’s funny Seder story about the sudden change in his duties
  • The sermon that knocked Maria off her feet about understanding the Jewish roots of Christianity
  • Their opinion of the most important thing in a marriage
  • Why God was against intermarrying
  • Two vital things to understand – one for Gentiles and one for Jewish people
  • What being one in marriage means
  • Encouragement to not fear your differences but set your focus in the right place

Words you might learn in this episode

Chanukah, Seder, Haggadah

Scriptures referenced in this episode

Mark 8:34, Deuteronomy 7:3–4, 2 Corinthians 6:14, Nehemiah 13:23–31, Matthew 6:33

Other episodes mentioned:

#40 Staying Jewish – Love and Marriage, with special guests Joshua and Monique Brumbach

#9 Jewish Believers in Politics, with Aaron Baer


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