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From “This Isn’t for Me” to Worldwide Ministry: Rabbi Jonathan Bernis’ Faith Story, Part 2 | Episode 24

Now let’s see – where did we leave off? If you haven’t heard Part 1 of Rabbi Jonathan Bernis’ personal story, trust us, you want to go back and listen to it. It’s packed with encouragement, God’s sense of humor and all kinds of good stuff. And so is Part 2.

OK, so where are we now in the story? Oh, yes: from Rochester to Russia to Phoenix. Find out what’s next in the inspiring tale of a young Jewish man’s calling to believe in Jesus and minister to his own people.

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra conclude their conversation with Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International. They inquire more about his life and how God is using him to share the Gospel with Jewish people, asking:

  • How he went from filling stadiums and planting congregations in the Former Soviet Union to serving the desperately poor in Ethiopia
  • Scriptural underpinning for the idea that there are “lost” and scattered Jewish people groups around the world
  • What saying “yes” to God can do
  • His calling to the Jewish people and what calling he has regarding the Gentile Church
  • Why “to the Jew first” is important in Romans 1:16 and things a Gentile Christian can do in light of it
  • What his next ministry vision is and a unique segment of the U.S. Jewish population it involves

And finally, they ask Jonathan to speak to those who are Christian or interested in Jesus but don’t know what to do about their Jewish background.

Along the way

Throughout the conversation, you’ll appreciate what Jonathan has to say about:

  • What sets Jewish Voice apart from other Jewish ministries
  • Various times in Jewish history when God scattered His people
  • What God means when He said He would “restore Israel”
  • Valuable insights about how God leads us into His purposes and our callings
  • The apostle Pauls’ heart for his Jewish brethren
  • A responsibility that falls to every Christian
  • The best place to begin when wanting to minister to Jewish people in your life

Words you might learn in this episode

Beta Israel, Beta Abraham, the “Lost Tribes of Israel,” Bnei Menashe, Bar Kochba Revolt, Yeshua, ethnos, l’dor v’dor

Scriptures referenced in this episode

Nehemiah 1:8–9, Proverbs 20:24, Romans 1:16, Psalm 122:6, Romans 10:1, Romans 11:15, Romans 9–11, Romans 9:1–3, Romans 11:25-26, Matthew 24, Genesis 17:7, 2 Timothy 1:13

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