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I’m a Christian But I Have a Jewish Background – Now What? | Episode 22

You’re a Christian, settled in your faith and the church you attend. But you just discovered something you never realized before – you have a Jewish background.  

Wait, what? 

What am I supposed to do with that? What does that mean to my life? Where do I fit? What do I do now?  

If that’s you, don’t worry! This podcast is for you. Even if it’s not you, this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss is still for you because you may have a friend who learns they have a Jewish background.  

Ezra and Carly talk openly about how this kind of news has the potential to change your world and create questions for those who are comfortably engaged in the Christian Church. Carly interviews Ezra about: 

  • What it means to have a Jewish background 
  • Direction for a Christian who has just learned they have a Jewish background and is confused about how their faith in Jesus fits 
  • Why your Jewish background matters, even if you go to a Christian church 
  • Why it’s valuable for Christians without Jewish backgrounds to understand these things 
  • Who to share the news with about discovering your Jewish background 
  • Questions concerning where to worship 
  • Where to find other Christians with Jewish backgrounds 
  • What to do if you’re in between, not certain but wondering if you have a Jewish background 

Along the way 

During the conversation, you’ll hear plenty of worthwhile information to help you understand yourself or friends whose Jewish background is new news, including 

  • Three types of Jewish backgrounds 
  • How Israel defines “Jewish” 
  • The surprising number of people in American Christian churches who have at least one Jewish parent or grandparent 
  • Questions you can ask the Lord to help you find your way forward 
  • How the Jewish Believer’s faith in Jesus is a fulfillment of their Jewish identity rather than a departure from it and how it actually fulfills Bible prophecy 
  • How you, as a Christian with a Jewish background, are a living testimony to the faithfulness of God 
  • The main idea of the Jewish faith 
  • What the saying “Judaism is always one generation away from extinction” means 
  • Encouragement to not let anyone make you choose between being Jewish and believing in Jesus 
  • How it’s not either/or and that you, as a Jewish Believer in Jesus, are right in the middle where you belong 

Words you might learn in this episode 

Am Yisrael chai, Yeshua 

Scriptures referenced in this episode 

Romans 11:29, Genesis 3:15, Genesis 12:3, Romans 9–11, Matthew 5:17, Romans 11:16–24, Romans 11:5, Isaiah 28:5 

If you or a friend have learned of a Jewish background and don’t know who to tell, we’d love to hear about it. We are happy to answer any questions and may be able to point you to a Messianic congregation to visit where you can explore more and meet others like you. 

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