It’s complicated, that’s for sure. But, in Part 2 of their series on Israel – that little word loaded with meaning – Carly and Ezra simplify and make a lot of things clearer as they dive deeper into Israel as both land and state. They tackle some of the controversies, land disputes and obstacles to resolving certain conflicts with the Palestinians in the region. 

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly asks Ezra to explain: 

  • The difference between the phrases “Land of Israel” and “State of Israel” 
  • What the West Bank is and the conflict over it 
  • Why there’s a wall around certain Palestinian areas of Israel 
  • The one-state and two-state solutions 
  • The meaning of the phrase “Land Promise 
  • If the modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy 
  • Israel’s form of government  
  • If any Jewish person can become a citizen of Israel 

Along the way, they also discuss: 

  • Three differing boundaries of Israel, covering past, present and future 
  • The Land for Peace Deal that created the Gaza Strip, 
  • What the term “West Bank” implies and why Hebrewspeaking Israelis don’t use it 
  • Why the idea of a divided Jerusalem is unacceptable to the Jewish State 
  • A hot topic that Ezra encourages listeners to look up on their own and check at least two different sources (“Don’t outsource your discernment!”) 
  • The Golan Heights controversy 
  • Why Israel doesn’t have a constitution 
  • The only group of genetically Jewish people excluded by Israel’s Supreme Court from immigrating to Israel 

Words you might learn in this episode: 

Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Land for Peace Deal, shatachimintifada, Israel Security Barrier, hajj, Nakba 

Scriptures referenced in this episode: 

Genesis chapters 13 and 17, the book of Acts, the book of Revelation, Numbers 33:55, Isaiah 66:8, Zechariah 14 

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