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US Elections 2020

What is at the top of everyone’s mind in the United States right now (besides the pandemic)? The presidential election, of course! And we wouldn’t want to miss hearing a Jew and a Gentile discuss politics! In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, co-hosts Carly Berna and Ezra Benjamin talk about some of the heated topics within the upcoming elections. 

They discuss: 

  • General voting behavior of Christians and Jews, including the 2016 elections 
  • Each candidates views on: 
    • Israel 
    • Anti-Semitism 
    • Jerusalem 
    • One-state or two-state solutions 
  • The important issues that Ezra and Carly consider when voting, including: 
    • Stewardship 
    • Religious freedoms 
    • Poor/underprivileged policy 
    • Identity issues 
    • Constitutional rights 
    • National security 
    • JudeoChristian values 
  • Our right to vote and its importance 

This episode is the beginning of a three-part series where Carly and Ezra will talk about the important issues before the election occurs. The week of the election, they will follow up on what the results mean going forward. And then the week following the election, they will discuss any further developments and impact from the election results. 

For more conversations around intriguing, relevant topics, check out additional episodes of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss wherever you listen to your podcasts or right here at www.ajewandagentilediscuss.org.